Joint Curriculum Overview

The desire of TOURINGS is to develop innovative training tools addressed to manufacturing sectors in the fields of collaborative robotics and thus facilitate its installation and improve the skills and knowledge on this key technology for the upcoming years.
TOURINGS will deliver a training course addressing key aspects for European manufacturing sectors:

a) safety requirements for human-robot interaction,
b) ergonomic measurementin human-robot interaction,
c) cobots integration in the assembly line balance and
d) design of different robot modules and behaviours to address production needs.

The course will be addressed to manufacturing companies along EU with special attention to those sectors where workers have more repetitive tasks, with heavy loads in nonergonomic positions. It is also addressed to human resources managers, policy makers, VET providers, training organisations and trainers and Higher Education Institution specialized in robotics, consultancies offering specialized support for robotics installations and assembly lines balance and students and unemployed interested in collaborative robotics.

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