Objectives and outcomes


Analysis and Report on the Situation of Collaborative Robotics in Europe

This Output will perform an analysis of the current use of Collaborative Robotics within Manufacturing Sectors and its main difficulties to install the cobot within the assembly line. Special emphasis will be placed on addressing modular and behaviour design of the cobot as well as an overview on how concepts of ergonomics and human-robot interaction are being implemented in working environments. This report will comprise the identification and further analysis of real cases that may be considered as good examples of assembly line balance, human-robot safety interactions.


Educational Philosophy and Joint Curriculum

Considering the necessary areas of knowledge and the pedagogical methodologies, the Curriculum will be prepared and optimized to fit the variety of target users: HE students coursing robotics-related degrees, VET students coursing Manufacturing subjects, Human Resources Managers, Assembly Line Managers, unemployed… and the Manufacturing Sectors to address the specific needs of these job profiles by recognising the learning outcomes that the proposed training content requires in order to develop the training units.


Training Content Development

The training material will be developed in different formats; text documents, slides, articles and other supporting materials and assessment methods. The main format will be H5P videos which is a collaborative framework based on JavaScript as open free source and open code. H5P videos includes interactive objects like extra lectures, quizzes or slides while the learners are watching the videos. This interactive approach will ensure the learners satisfaction with the proposed training content. During the Joint Curriculum development, the partnership will have an agreement about the training formats.


Collaborative Platform and Pilot Action

TOURINGS Collaborative Platform will be based on an open online platform where learners, teachers, staff from Manufacturing Sectors and experts in different fields like ergonomics, production line balance or human resources will be able to take lessons and share experiences. The users will have full-access to all the training materials developed and assessment methodology.


Blueprint for the Installation of Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing Sectors

TOURINGS Blueprint will be based on a common vision based on a set of principles for the conversion of those HE/VET programmes where TOURINGS outcomes could have an impact in three aspects: I) alignment of educational policies between institutions/regions related to TOURINGS topic, II) ensuring the relevance of modernizing and automatizing of Manufacturing Sectors through the use of Collaborative Robotics, and III) including the labour needs in terms of healthcare and well-being in the work environment. Relevant stakeholders from different Manufacturing Sectors, regional and national policy makers and authorities from Educational, Healthcare and Labour fields will establish this Blueprint. Representative from educational community, users and teachers will be also contacted during this Output.