Successful completion of the TOURINGS Project after three years of collaborative work!

At the end of July, the TOURINGS project held its last meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany.

TOURINGS, whose main objective was the development of a training course on Collaborative Robotics to promote its implementation in the European Union, has made significant progress in the field of robotics technology.

It is an ambitious initiative that has been spread over three years, with the active participation of partners from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Estonia. Its focus was on providing a comprehensive understanding of the potential of Collaborative Robotics from different perspectives, including robot cell design and programming, user-robot interaction and assembly line optimisation.

The TOURINGS team worked hard to collect and analyse valuable input and feedback, resulting in the revision and continuous improvement of the pilot course. An impressive total of 400 responses to the pilot course were processed, allowing the project partners to identify areas for improvement and adjust the course content to adapt to the changing needs of the collaborative robotics industry.

For more information about the TOURINGS project and the Collaborative Robotics training course, please visit the official project website at

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